Engineered to be stronger and longer lasting

Craft-Deck aluminium decking is design engineered to be stronger and longer lasting. Tested under extreme conditions Craft-Deck is the perfect deck alternative for those looking for a deck that requires minimal maintenence.

Strength & Durability

Craft-Deck is a beautiful strong deck offering a longer maintenance free life in comparison to timber and other composite decks.

Easy to Install

Craft-Deck panels are interlocking. The screw fixes are concealed and the process is repeated.

10 Year Warranty

Craft-Deck has a marine grade powder coating in compliance with the Australian Standard AS3715 for powder coating. Craft-Deck won’t crack, warp, twist or fade like timber.
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Low Maintenance

Craft-Deck never needs sanding, painting, staining or oiling during it’s lifetime.

Pest Resistant

Craft-Deck is pest resistant to termites and other pests.

Non Combustible

Craft-Deck is an aluminium deck which is non-combustible and therefore suitable for building in locations up to BAL FZ according to the Australian Standards.